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National Popcorn Day 2021

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National Popcorn Day 2021

Finally, on January 19, Popcorn gets the credit it deserves with National Popcorn Day 2021! Did you know Americans eat 3.75 billion gallons of popcorn every year? That’s a lot of popcorn! If you’ve never tried gourmet flavored popcorn, you don’t know what you’re missing! Best Popcorn Company in Naples, FL makes incredible gourmet popcorn. We have a wide variety of flavors available. No need to ask us, “is popcorn gluten-free?” All our delicious popcorn flavors are gluten-free, even cheddar!

History of National Popcorn Day

National Popcorn Day 2021

While popcorn itself has a long history, the exact origins of National Popcorn Day are a mystery. We have celebrated National Popcorn Day since at least 1988. It is no surprise there is a national day for popcorn in America.   It’s hard to think of a movie theater in America and not think of popcorn. But this snack goes way back. Some say as far back as thousands of years ago. Evidence of popped corn shows up in ancient Mayan and Native American civilizations. They used popcorn for decorating their clothing and for eating. French explorers discovered popcorn made by the Iriquois natives near the Great Lakes.

POP-ularity in America

By 1848, popcorn as a snack was an American staple. People found the snack to be both fun and delicious to eat. Sold at fairs and circuses, this popular snack was all over the place. Surprisingly, movie theaters were one of the only places you couldn’t get popcorn.   At that time, movie theaters didn’t want the messy snack to ruin their decor. Movie theaters at that time had beautiful rugs and carpets they didn’t want to get dirty. Early movie theaters targeted more upscale clientele. They considered popcorn too messy and noisy to sell in their fine establishments.

Popcorn and Movies

Once movies added sound in 1927, the industry exploded. Silent films required literacy, which wasn’t all that common at the time. With sound, anyone could go to the movies to enjoy a film. This opened up the market to a much wider audience.   Once the Great Depression hit, theater owners finally gave in to the demand to allow snacks. Popcorn was a natural fit because of its convenience and low price. It was a natural match, and by 1945 over half of all popcorn eaten was in movie theaters.   Like most forms of entertainment, things made their way to the home. Thanks to VCRs, people could watch movies on-demand in their homes. With the invention of the microwave, popcorn came home too. In minutes, a family could be watching a movie and enjoying popcorn in their own home. Since then, popcorn and movies have been almost inseparable.

Gourmet Popcorn for National Popcorn Day 2021

We’ve come a long way since silent movies and so has popcorn. There’s nothing wrong with a quick back of microwave popcorn. But if you’ve never tried gourmet flavored popcorn, you’re in for a real treat. Best Popcorn Company makes delicious gourmet popcorn. Try one of our incredible popcorn flavors for National Popcorn Day like never before! We even have popcorn bars and gift baskets available for the best National Popcorn Day 2021 ever! Contact us or shop online today to get your order in time.

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