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Flavored Popcorn Gifts

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Flavored Popcorn Gifts are a great way to treat your loved ones this holiday season. After all, who doesn’t love popcorn? We have many flavored popcorn gifts available that are sure to please. Be careful though, as our delicious gourmet flavored popcorn is very addictive! We use the highest quality ingredients and flavorings available for the best-popped corn you’ve ever tasted!

Flavored Popcorn Gifts for All Occasions

Flavored Popcorn Gifts

We have a variety of flavored popcorn gifts available to suit any occasion. From corporate parties, Christmas gifts, and wedding favors, we can put together a flavored popcorn gift assortment that will be sure to please. Treat your tastebuds to the exciting experience of gourmet flavored popcorn. If you’re looking for small gift bags or flavored popcorn tins we have all the options available.

The Gourmet Difference

Most people have had a nice steak or some type of gourmet meal at one point or another. Certain gourmet meals are predictable, like steak and lobster or es cargot. While these meals are delicious, they usually meet, but not always exceed, expectations. Steak and lobster are, by nature, high-quality foods. Unless they are prepared poorly, they’re going to taste good. If you have a great steak dinner, you’ll be pleased, sure, but it’s rare to be totally blown away or surprised by it.

There’s something special about taking a simple ingredient and elevating it. It defies expectations and can be a real treat, no pun intended. This is what makes flavored popcorn gifts so exciting. People don’t expect to be blown away by something as simple as popcorn. But we make the simple exceptional. The popcorn itself is expertly made and prepared in our popping kettle – we use the best corn kernels we can find, so the popcorn itself is perfectly cooked and has the best texture possible. What makes it really stand out is the amazing selection of flavors. We have over 35 popcorn flavors available, from sweet and savory to hot and spicy. This makes flavored popcorn gifts not only delicious but exciting!

If you don’t believe us, listen to what our customers have said:

From WeddingWire:

Best Popcorn Company truly is the BEST!! We used their popcorn for my wedding favors (November 2018), and my guests absolutely loved it! Sharon was so helpful and even mailed me samples to try before making a final decision of what flavor to go with. Everything we tried was delicious, but ultimately we went with Cinnamon Bun flavor. They even made custom labels for the popcorn favor bags, and chose a ribbon to match our wedding colors! We had a vintage themed wedding, and old-fashioned popcorn was a perfect fit. The price is affordable, and we’re very happy with our decision!! They make it fresh, and each batch we tried left us wanting more! Highly recommend for any event!!

Truly the Best Popcorn Company

Naples Mix Popcorn Bar

No matter the occasion flavored popcorn gifts from Best Popcorn Company in Naples are sure to please! You will stand out with these thoughtful and creative gifts. We package our popcorn thoughtfully and creatively so it is just as beautiful as it is delicious.

Visit our online store or visit us in person to try our delicious gourmet popcorn today!

We guarantee each of our popcorn flavors is unique, gourmet, and unforgettable as each must pass our high standard of taste testing. If we don’t love it, it doesn’t make our menu, until the flavor is spot-on.

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