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Looking for gourmet flavored popcorn stores near you? The Popcorn Cellar removes the hassle and delivers the perfect savory popcorn recipes directly to your doorstep!

Just as some of you know the Best Popcorn Company for our fresh, gourmet flavored popcorn recipes, some of you also know us from when we were a small, local kettle corn company. So, what happened? How were we able to expand our product, but still retain the friendly, family feel? Well, that’s a good history lesson.

Our family began popping kettle corn around 15 years ago at local farmer’s markets and events. After some initial hurdles, we soon gained a strong local following of loyal customers. Our entrepreneurial spirit, instilled in us by “Pop” Kurguz, allowed us to see that we were building something very special. Everyone loved (and still loves) our delicious kettle corn and family-oriented focus, so, we looked for a new opportunity to expand. Luckily, we found it with the Popcorn Cellar.


The Popcorn Cellar is a Naples, 5th Avenue original popcorn company that made a name for themselves by offering delicious gourmet caramel, cheese, and flavored corn. Our sweet popcorn recipes have proven time and time again that with a bit of care and effort, popcorn recipes can be perfected. We were hooked from the start, and were fortunate enough to acquire the company, product, and equipment this past year. Thus, with a little luck and initiative, the Best Popcorn Company is now offering the best local gourmet flavored popcorn as well as the best, and original, local kettle corn.

Additionally, we now also offer great seasonal flavors to help compliment the celebrations and family gatherings.

Some flavors of this season include: peppermint, vanilla, pistachio, cranberry, and (our favorite) hot cinnamon. Hot cinnamon is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy, with a touch of mouth-watering flavor. Indeed, the flavor will transport you to an earlier time. A time of being a kid, playing on the playground, swinging on swings, and chewing “Big Red” gum.

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