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Wedding Events Popcorn

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So Your Fingers Don’t Get Orange at the Wedding ™

Our special Naples Mix® popcorn flavor is the most popular request of all the wedding events popcorn flavors. The Naples Mix is a special combination of our Caramel and White Cheddar.  Caramel is a flavor that is built upon by cooking brown sugar with butter until it is golden brown and crisp when cooled.  The white cheddar popcorn is a plain popcorn drizzled and tossed is a warm, cheddary, cream sauce until it is evenly coated just enough to give each bite a savory, salty, crunch.

The combination of both flavors will awake all of your taste buds, the sweet, the salty, and the savory!  One reason this combination is so popular with the wedding industry in Southwest Florida is that no one needs to worry about orange fingers getting on someone’s best dress at the wedding. Another reason this popcorn flavor has become such the requested flavor, is that is does satisfy many taste buds for larger groups of people.  Also, the Naples Mix, is peanut-free, nut-free, and gluten-free!

When the Naples Mix is selected as the popcorn flavor, it get the highest rave reviews from the wedding guests…according to what the bride and groom tell us! 

The Naples Mix is trademarked and used only by the BEST POPCORN COMPANY® in Naples Florida.

Seasonal visitors to Naples frequently request the Naples Mix to be shipped north for weddings of their family members that have spent many vacations on the sandy white beaches that hug our coast. This flavored popcorn memento of Southwest Florida brings fond memories back to the wedding party and their guests.

The Naples Mix comes in wedding favor sizes that can be easily shipped and made available to guests when they check into their room for the wedding, or put out as a “go bag” at the reception.  There is nothing like adding a touch of Naples to any event or wedding, and at such a great price!

Wedding events popcorn sizes come in a $3 and a $4 bag size.  Each of our bags of popcorn has the logo of the famous Naples Pier landmark. Or we can add a customized logo to each bag for you for a more personalized touch.

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