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Valentine’s Day Ideas

admin - November 8, 2021 - 5 comments

Brief History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day did not always start off as the season of love that we all know today it went through a few revisions in order to become the fun love filled holiday that it is today. The origins of Valentine’s Day began in Rome with the ritual of Lupercalia and made it’s way to Victorian-era England which started the act of Valentine’s Day greetings in the 1300’s. The actual act of giving valentines wasn’t popular until the 1400’s. In America, Valentine’s Day began to get popular in the early 1700’s and evolved into what it is today. The season of love isn’t limited to only America, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France and Australia.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day isn’t all about the gifts and it’s about the love put into those gifts and acts of service you give to your significant other. Best Popcorn Company is passionate about giving you the best service and delectable treats that you will love. Surprise that special someone with one of our unique and delicious flavors like cherry or strawberry. It would be a wonderful addition to gifts on Valentine’s Day whether its for a special someone or to treat yourself.  A bag of our popcorn and a Valentine’s Day card would be the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's gift idea, two bowls of assorted popcorn

Valentine’s Day Flavors

We have a wide assortment of flavors with Valentine’s Day colors various flavors that are pink and red. Give our hot cinnamon flavored popcorn a try and excite your taste buds then try our watermelon flavored popcorn for a soothing fruity flavor. Our gourmet popcorn will be a delightful experience for that special someone in your life. Our other flavors in red and pink include a cool refreshing peppermint, a sweet strawberry, a sweet cherry, and an all-time favorite, birthday cake. What other flavor would be the best for a celebration? You could even mix them to send your taste buds on a journey! There are plenty more options to choose from. Take a chance this, could be you and your Valentine’s new favorite snack.

Valentine’s Day Ideas

Movie night:

Spend a night in with your Valentine and surprise them with a tin of our Gourmet Popcorn and a movie. Movies and snacks are always good for a night in. Stay at home dates are a nice way to relax and kick back. Buy one of our exclusive holiday tins and enjoy 3 flavors of our gourmet popcorn. Everyone can indulge in our gourmet popcorn and enjoy their time together.

Gift basket:

We have a variety of options for flavor to choose from, there is going to be a flavor to love. Pick from our inventory of unique flavors to give to your Valentine. Ditch the regular chocolates this year for our chocolate crunchy caramel or chocolate drizzle flavors. Get that special someone flowers, make them a card, and get them a gift set of some flavors you know and love to make them feel special. You popped into their life and made it special. Let us do that for you too.

Visit our online store or visit us in person to try our delicious gourmet popcorn today!

We guarantee each of our popcorn flavors is unique, gourmet, and unforgettable as each must pass our high standard of taste testing. If we don’t love it, it doesn’t make our menu, until the flavor is spot-on.

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