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Caramel Popcorn For Halloween

admin - November 11, 2021 - 0 comments

Out of all of the holiday seasons, Halloween is our favorite time of the year because it has its fair share of fun traditions that gets us very excited.

Some of the fun traditions we may participate during October would include visiting pumpkin patches, designing and wearing scary (sometimes playful) costumes, going to Halloween horror night festivals in theme parks, boo’ing (of course we mean wooing *smiley face*) friends and neighbors with our goodies and treats, or hosting a Halloween party at our home. And then, of course, we may participate at Halloween parades and trick-or-treating on Halloween night!

Neighborhood kids, as well as our children, will be knocking from door to door with their heavy goodie bag to get their candies and treats, then afterword, they’ll go home and sort it all out for display. Life doesn’t get much better in a kid’s world when they’ve collected sweet treats to dive right in and devour! As they spread their spoils out before them, they’ll find a wide assortment of candy bars, lollipops, and other wrapped candies. Sometimes out of the blue, they might land on a weird, out-of-the-ordinary candy or treat that they’ve never tried. And if it’s delicious, there’s no doubt they’ll brag and boast about it to their friends or siblings.

Speaking of “out of the-ordinary-treats”, do you remember back in time when we used to eat caramel popcorn balls? Everyone used to end up with a few of these in their trick-or-treat bag. However, we don’t seem to see them around much anymore which makes us so sad :(. You would get a big tin of popcorn, mix them with corn syrup, brown sugar, salt, water and butter, and form them into balls. The process was messy and took some time to make, but wow did they come out scrumptious and delicious. Oh, the memories!

When it comes to caramel popcorn, it is still a very popular and traditional Halloween treat for both kids and adults. The combination of popcorn covered in an ooey, gooey caramel coating can be extremely irresistible for everyone. With a mixture of candy corn and other assorted candies and treats, it makes for a delightful concoction for the dark and gloomy, yet fun night.

We love Halloween and it’s only fitting to indulge in some delicious caramel popcorn in addition to your treats. At Best Popcorn Company, we have traditional tins and popcorn gifts just in time for you to give to trick or treaters. Take a look at our wide variety of flavors as well or our store and contact us today for more information!

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