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4 reasons why popcorn is a great snack for events.

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Popcorn is a great snack to have at events for many reasons. From picnics, to business seminars, to weddings, popcorn does it all. We are going to look at the top 4 reasons why popcorn is sure to be a hot popping snack at your next event.

1. It doesn’t make a mess

Popcorn is great because it doesn’t make a mess. You can easily eat it with just your hands making it so that you won’t have to clean up much after. Say goodbye to the plastic or paper plates and utensils. This will not be necessary with popcorn. Not only is this good for the environment in general it’s also good for the environment of the event keeping the tables clean. That is, if you are even using tables as you don’t even need tables to eat popcorn at. This is just one of the great beauties of having popcorn as a snack for your event.

2. It tastes great

great snack - popcorn

Even just plain old popcorn with butter on it is good. Why stop there however? There are all sorts of flavors now able to suite anyone’s taste buds. The flavors caramel, kettle corn, cheddar are all classics while there are some amazing exotic ones too such as strawberry and cream, apple pie, and Best Popcorn Company’s famous Chettle Corn ®. There is nothing tastier than freshly popped popcorn.

3. Don’t go hungry

Don’t let your guests go hungry. Even at a long event a little bit of popcorn can go a long way in providing people energy. When people aren’t hungry they are morel likely to be happy and attentive. No longer are they worried about their next meal as they happily crunch down on some popcorn. They are now paying attention to the event. This is why they serve popcorn in the theaters and one of the reasons that you should too.

4. Its inexpensive

Events typically aren’t cheap so it’s good to cut down on the costs when you can. What if I told you that you could cut down on the costs without cutting down on the value of your event. That’s where popcorn comes in. It’s an inexpensive snack choice for any event yet everyone loves popcorn. It’s practically grown right into our culture so why would you make any other choice?


Popcorn is a clean snack to enjoy at any event. It is a tasty, easy to pop in the mouth snack that will have your event hot and popping. Don’t worry about spending a lot to keep your guests from going hungry. Cost is not an issue when you are popping corn. Popcorn is popular for a reason. It’s time you increase the popularity of your event by picking the right snack. Reach out to Best Popcorn Company to have your popcorn served locally in Southern Florida or nationally.

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