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Would kettle corn make a good gift for friends and family?

admin - November 11, 2021 - 0 comments

If you’ve ever ordered from us before, you have probably tried some of the best popcorn available in the Naples Market. We are one of the top kettle corn popcorn brands across the United States. We bring the popcorn fresh to the doorstep of your choosing. Our popcorn is a great gift for any occasion and with Christmas right around the corner, you may want to get to stuffing those stockings. These kettle corn gifts are sure to be a great enjoyment. Our kettle corn gifts makes a great gift to share with others throughout the season.

If you love kettle corn and cheese flavored popcorns then you should also try out ChettleTM mix. A wonderful blend of kettle and cheese mixed perfectly for your taste buds. Our kettle corn kettles adds a bit of rustic flavor that will make movie theater popcorn pale in comparison. Our chettle corn ® 3-6 pack lets you try 3 of our varieties of rustic kettle corn in one bag.

We began popping kettle corn in Naples nearly 15 years ago. We were the first local kettle corn company in the Naples area. After almost 15 years of popping kettle corn, hard work, and family history. We are proud to bring you the best kettle corn available. We have been so successful, that many new companies have started to copy us, trying to mimic our successful formula. Luckily for us, our successful formula is original and unique, allowing us to continually flourish in the kettle corn and gourmet popcorn industry.

Give a kettle corn gift to someone you care about this holiday. Our history, experience, and satisfaction ratings are sure to bring you the best results when choosing your gift. Some of our most popular Christmas flavors are peppermint, caramel corn, cinnamon bun, apple pie caramel, green apple, and pistachio nuts. Head on over to our gourmet flavors page to pick the best flavors for your gift.

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