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Popcorn Wedding Favors, Parties, and Corporate Events in South Florida

Whether it’s for Popcorn Wedding Favors, popcorn parties, or corporate events in South Florida, Best Popcorn Company is cooking in the kitchen every day and is ready for your special event. A couple’s wedding day is a special and exciting day for the bride, groom, family, and friends alike. The Best Popcorn Company has designed delightful and unforgettable treats for special events. Not only can we cater to weddings by customizing flavors, but we can create something special for your get together, sports team, or corporate event. We deliver on-time at no extra charge and take care to bring the freshest popped corn to your guests.

Best Popcorn Company is proud to offer our delicious and flavorful popcorn at your local events. Whether it be a dinner party, a corporate event, a wedding, or any other special occasion, we can provide your guests with our world-famous popcorn wedding favors. With our wide variety of flavors and specials, we can provide you with a taste that will suit even the most refined of tastes.

We know how important it is when that special day we call your wedding day rolls around. Don’t stress about the snacks, let Best Popcorn Company cater with our wonderful flavors like caramel, kettle, cheese, and other wedding favors.

Remember, we make all of our popcorn…So your fingers don’t get orange at the wedding! 

Whether you’re just inviting a few close friends or the whole community, we can provide the delicious treats your guests will love to help compliment your special day.

Planning a party or event with family and friends? Need some Popcorn Wedding Favors for your big day? We can cater for you with our wide selection of popcorn types and flavors. Make your event or wedding the talk of the town with delicious and home-cooked popcorn.

Choose a range of flavors: make options for your friends and family. At least three varieties are suggested. It’s a perfect way to get conversations started and crack the ice for new guests. The most popular tastes for wedding receptions and celebrations are Birthday Cake, Butterscotch, Chocolate Crunch, and Blueberry. The reason they ‘re the most popular is their familiarity, most people expect what the flavors will taste like. Wildcard flavors, flavors that are less familiar to your guests, are a great way to add a personal touch of personality. Think Cheddar Sriracha or Dill Pickle.

Think About How Much You Need
People eat more if they’re having fun. Adult beverages and party music will cause partygoers to eat more, and kids definitely love popcorn too. If the party is formal and stuffy, you will need less.
A popcorn bar is simple and gives you the most flexibility. Three to five flavors gives guests a chance to mix their favorite flavors. Most guests will eat 4-8 cups of popcorn, sometimes more if they are drinking alcohol or the party is less formal.

We highly recommended that you:

  • Come and try samples in the store
  • Order your flavors at least two weeks in advance
  • Speak to us about special flavor requests

Select things that not only reflect all your wedding ambience, but also those that make a long-lasting effect on your visitors. Think about what the theme of your wedding, your shared history, or something that you and your guests may have in common. If you’re considering a popcorn bar, we recommend:

  • Labeling each flavor: Make sure your guests know what flavors of popcorn they’re selecting by labeling each container. Your labels can be as simple as a handwritten piece of paper or as elegant and dramatic as printed labels on cardstock with craft paper accents. Be sure to tie your labels into the overall appearance and theme, if you choose one, of your popcorn bar.
  • Provide scoops: Be sure to provide scoops for each container, or flavor, so your wedding guests can dish out their favorite flavors of popcorn without having to wait forever for the person in front of them to give up the scoop!
  • Provide containers to fill: Make sure you have something for your guests to put their popcorn in! There are tons of neat containers, boxes, and bags available. Find a look that is uniquely you! Whichever container you select, remember that your guests will most likely fill them full, so plan accordingly and provide enough popcorn for everyone.
  • Keep your popcorn covered: Keep your popcorn containers covered as much as possible, especially in humid climates. Popcorn absorbs moisture from the air and loses its crispness that we all love so much. Combat humidity by selecting serving containers that come with lids–apothocary jars are a great choice.

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