Chettle Corn®| 3-6 Pack | Free Shipping


Chettle Corn ®

CHETTLE Corn ® is our cheddar corn that was cooked in our kettle. All of our high heat kettles give the popped corn the largest pop possible, which adds a fantastic rustic flavor that is only possible in our small batches. CHETTLE MIX is a bag of our custom Chettle combined with caramel and kettle which is all tossed together so you can shift from one taste to the next all in the same handful. A Chettle Corn Mix can contain almost anything from our rustic kettles, so you may find a small taste of blueberry or orange cream caramel corn as you shift from the delicious tastes of salty, sweet, and savory.

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All of these gourmet popcorn flavors come with the added benefit of having completely free shipping and handling.


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