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Although it feels like 2017 is still a fledgling infant, we are in fact half way through the year. Cool winter nights came and went, dry spring days passed clear overhead, and now we are beginning to enter the throes of summer. The temperature is rising, the sun is brighter, and, of course, the tans are getting darker.

But, why do people tan? In fact, for much of history prior to the 20th century, tanning was distinctly out of fashion. Pale skin was considered refined, reserved, and elegant, while tan skin was considered low class and a sign of manual labor. However, in 1903, the therapeutic benefits of sunlight were recognized by Niels Finsen (A Nobel Prize winning scientist). His research showed that “sunlight therapy” helped with diseases such as lupus and rickets by stimulating Vitamin D production in the human body. From there, sunbathing became a desired activity of rest and relaxation. But, while your enjoying those Naples summer days, don’t forget to satisfy that beach-snack crave with some of our great gourmet popcorn.

Mango, Key Lime, Orange, and Pina Colada Popcorn are sure to be a welcome addition to any seaside adventure.

And, don’t forget to use sunscreen!

Remember us when you’re looking for the best popcorn flavors in Southwest Florida, a Naples original and family owned.

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