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Is Our Popcorn Gluten Free?

admin - November 11, 2021 - 0 comments

popcorn gluten free

A question that our customers may ask us is, is our popcorn gluten free? At Best Popcorn Company, we truly understand the nature of the question. When you are gluten intolerant and you digest gluten products, we’re sure you’re not going to have a jolly good time. Stomach pains and nausea? Those are symptoms that we don’t want our customers to experience in any shape, form or fashion. So to answer our customer’s question, the answer is 100% yes, our popcorn is gluten-free! 

When it comes to corn, it is naturally gluten-free. In essence, this means that it will be friendly to your stomach. How about that! If you’re allergic to any product that contains gluten, rest assure that we do our very best to deliver delicious, gluten-free gourmet popcorn snacks for everyone to enjoy. Not only are our popcorn is gluten-free, we are GMO and soy free as well. We are a company that works in a gluten-free environment and we strive to make the best, high-quality gourmet popcorn in the country.

Now that you’ve found that our popcorn is gluten-free, how about you treat yourself to our delectable, mouth-watering gourmet popcorn today!

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