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How To Build A Popcorn Bar At Your Own House

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At your next party or reception, are you looking for a special surprise for your guests? Try opening up a popcorn bar, which is all the rage at present. From house parties to weddings, they are great for everything. It’s a true audience satisfier and popcorn is enjoyed by everybody! Popcorn bars are easy to set up, fairly affordable, and popcorn is extremely flexible in itself. Here are a few ideas that will help you set up a popcorn bar that will be enjoyed by all of your guests.

Get Started with Popcorn

Offering the guests a chance to make their own flavors is part of the enjoyment of a popcorn bar. It all starts with simple popcorn, which in a few cases can be popped. Air popping popcorn is low in fat and calories, but to spice things up, it truly needs extra flavors. There is a lot of spice to corn that has been popped with oil. Why not sell all kinds?

You’ll probably want to pick the flavored popcorn that visitors think they’ll love. Pick a variety of flavors, such as cheddar cheese and caramel, that range from sweet to savory. You may also add a few spices that are offbeat and special, such as parmesan cheese. You can buy an old-fashioned popcorn machine if you really want to take things one step further so that you can pop additional popcorn as desired.

Pick Your Toppings

Choosing any special popcorn toppings you want your visitors to enjoy is your next step. That’s when the real fun starts! While there are a lot of popcorn flavors in a good popcorn bar, it’s the consistency of the popcorn toppings that will always make your popcorn bar unforgettable. Simple popcorn toppings are important, such as salt, black pepper, and melted butter. Ingredients like sugar, garlic powder, crushed cheese, and chocolate powder can also be included here. You should also have melting chocolate and caramel sauce if you have someone watching the popcorn counter. Add ons are also good options for popcorn toppings, such as chips, chocolates, sprinkles, and crushed cookies or sweets.

Organize Your Bar of Popcorn

It would be more fun for your visitors if your popcorn bar is well organized. Exhibit in attractive, see-through jars your popcorn and toppings. To make it easier for guests to make their choices, make sure each jar and container is labeled. Make sure to get plenty of packets so that, whenever they like, visitors can bring their popcorn along. You may either use clear, festive bags, or popcorn cartons in the movie theme.

Often, make sure that each of the options and toppings for popcorn is well displayed and simple to distribute. Containers of popcorn should each get a scoop of their own. Popcorn Toppings can either be in a shaker or, with their own ladle or spoon, in a serving bowl. Add additional scoops, spoons, and shakers, just in case you need to swap them. Finally, to ensure that the bar remains tidy, ordered, and well equipped, you’ll want to make somebody the popcorn assistant.

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