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Gourmet Kettle Corn

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Gourmet Kettle Corn in Naples, FL

Makers of Gourmet Kettle Corn and more, Best Popcorn Company is a local company in Naples, FL. We carry on the family tradition of making great-tasting gourmet kettle corn and other popcorn flavors. Our kettle corn is made in the traditional fashion. This means using a large open kettle to cook the coated popcorn at high temperatures. Best Popcorn Company is known for the large, fluffy texture of our kettle corn, and this process is a key to getting that result. Gourmet kettle corn remains a fan favorite for its light, fresh flavor and texture. Something about that sweet and salty mix makes it so hard to resist.

Gourmet Kettle Corn vs Mass-Produced Kettle Corn

You’ve probably seen some version of kettle corn on the shelves of your local supermarket. Like most things you microwave, you can get close enough to the real thing to get an idea of the taste, but it’s not the same as the real thing. To experience the real thing, you have to try our gourmet kettle corn. Kettle corn has a long tradition in the popcorn world, dating back to the 18th century. People really love the contrasting sweet and salty flavors. In order to really get it right, we first make sure our kettle is well oiled. Next, the popcorn is added and tossed with salt and sugar. The kettle is brought to high temperatures to create that nice coating everyone knows and loves. While cooking in the kettle, the popcorn is stirred constantly to prevent burning, due to the high heat being used to apply the coating.

The Best Popcorn Company Difference

To make sure you get the best product possible, we complete each of these steps thoughtfully and carefully in our popcorn making process. No one likes burnt popcorn, and neither do we. Best Popcorn Company makes all of our popcorn with skill, love and care, no matter what flavors you choose. From popping to flavoring, we do our very best to give you the best-tasting popcorn you’ve ever had. You won’t have to settle for average popcorn when you go with Best Popcorn Company. After all, it’s in the name! If you’ve never tried gourmet kettle corn, you don’t know what you’re missing. Don’t take our word for it, just give it a try.

We have many flavors available as well as gift packages, if you’re looking for unique gift ideas. Gourmet popcorn gift bags make great party favors or souvenirs. From delicious snacks for yourself to wedding popcorn stations, Best Popcorn Company has the goods.  If you think microwave popcorn is addicting, wait till you try our delicious gourmet popcorn flavors. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Gourmet Kettle Corn
kettle corn

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