What Makes Gourmet Popcorn So Great?

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What Makes Gourmet Popcorn So Great?

Popcorn is an American staple. A classic snack that’s found everywhere: movie theaters, baseball games, carnivals, state fairs, wedding & Christmas gifts, and many more. And the game was elevated when gourmet popcorn came along.

The history of this great tasting snack dates back to the early 1800s, but its roots goes back even further and can be traced to Central & South America to as much as over 5000 years ago.

Popcorn Milestones Helped Throughout History

With the invention of the commercial popcorn machine, this helped movie theaters which stared showing up around the same time. Street vendors set up outside the theater and movie theater popcorn was invented.

Here Are Some Interesting Popcorn Facts:

  • Aztec Indians used popcorn in ceremonial clothing
  • In the past, popcorn was eaten with milk and sugar like breakfast cereal
  • Popcorn first showed up in movie theaters in the early 1930sThe first commercial popcorn machine was invented in 1885
  • Microwave popcorn was introduced in 1981

A Popping Popularity

Popcorn got a big boost in popularity during the Great Depression because it was easy and simple to make. Without any salt, additives, and preservatives, it’s a good source of fiber and low in calories. Popcorn became even more popular during World War II. When microwaves came around, microwave popcorn was not far behind, and it once again saw explosive growth.

Gourmet Popcorn Anyone?

So, what brings us to the here and now with gourmet popcorn? Well first, you can find out more about the difference between regular popcorn & gourmet popcorn in our other blog article, “Gourmet Popcorn vs Regular Popcorn: What Makes Gourmet Popcorn Different & Better?”

A key fact for making this wonderfully tasting treat, according to Food Editorial is that, “the soil is specially formulated which ends up producing a more chewy texture as opposed to the light and fluffy taste of regular popcorn.” Another interesting fact is that, “it can pop up to sixty times larger than its original seed.”

The biggest part of what makes popcorn “gourmet” is the ingenious (and often weird) flavors: bold dill, sweet caramel, spicy cheese, and savory chocolate to name a few.

The Gourmet Conclusion

Best Popcorn Company specializes in gourmet popcorn and can ship nationwide. Taste our gourmet popcorn flavors for your self and see why!

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