How We Pop Corn?

How We Pop CornWhenever we attend events and pop our wonderful kettle corn, crowds of people huddle around our tent to watch the process. Most are fascinated with the kettle itself. The flames that roar from the bottom can be heard from quite a distance and the smell of the popping corn rides the wind. As the kernels pop, loose pieces of corn shoot in all directions like a mini firework show.

But how is our stunning kettle corn ACTUALLY made? Well, it boils down to four simple ingredients: corn, corn oil, sugar, and salt. We first add the corn and corn oil to the kettle and heat the mixture. As the corn is heated and pops, we add a healthy dose of sugar to the kettle. This allows the heat to caramelize the sugar and attach to the corn itself. Finally, after pouring the corn into the sifter, we sprinkle a bit of salt.

And, that is how we make our delicious, gourmet, kettle corn.

admin, July 30, 2018

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