Popcorn Tales Mango Caramel Corn!

Our Caramel Corn Tales will convey our rich history through our delectable popcorn flavors!

Mango Caramel Corn

Mango, “King of Fruit” Popcorn Tale
Highly revered in South Asia for thousands of years, the sweet, juicy mango is known to many as the “King of Fruit.”  The classical Sanskrit poet Kãlidãsa sang its praises.  It is even said that Buddha himself meditated under a mango tree.  And, in Hinduism, ripe mango often symbolizes spiritual attainment, regarding the devotees’ potential perfection.

Here in South Florida, the mango rules in our warm, subtropical climate.  In fact, the current world market is dominated by the mango cultivar ‘Tommy Atkins’ a seedling of the ‘Haden’ that first fruited in 1940 in southern Florida.

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And, now, Florida’s own Best Popcorn Company brings you all the luscious sweetness of the caramel mango (with none of the peel or the pit) in the form of our Mango Caramel Popcorn.  Specially crafted in our kitchen by our popcorn connoisseurs, it is ‘perfection’ in a popcorn bag.

Grab a handful!  We’ll have you singing the “King of Fruit’s” praises!

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