Our Irish Cream Caramel Corn will have you doing an Irish jig in no time!


Top O The Mornin’ To Ya!

Our traditional caramel corn mixed with delicious Irish Cream liquor will not disappoint, and you may even pair it this St. Paddy’s day with your whiskey and beer!

Irish settlers came to the Sunshine State over 400 years ago. They arrived in “La Florida” in the 1500’s, first as missionary priests and mercenary soldiers, and then later followed the planters, traders, shop keepers, doctors and administrators. Father Richard Arthur, the parish priest of St. Augustine and ecclesiastical judge of “La Florida”, was the founder of the first public school in America before 1606 at St. Augustine. The school was open to both sexes and all races – revolutionary! Irish Cream Caramel Corn.

The Irish didn’t leave home without their whiskey, but it wasn’t until the 1970’s that Irish Cream liquor was created. It was made to be a woman’s drink due to it’s creamy texture and sweet flavor. This caramel corn isn’t just for the lassies though – the lads won’t be able to keep their hands out of the bucket! Try our Irish Cream Caramel Corn!

admin, March 29, 2016

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