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A bit of history in our Florida Caramel Corn Flavors and popcorn tales!

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Lesson One: Pirates and Rum.

Our newest flavor of Florida kettle caramel corn is not to be missed. Made with the perfect combination of dark rum, butter, brown sugar and cooked over a piping hot open kettle. Try our newest Caramel Corn Flavors! Not enough rum to have you plunder to the next small town but enough to let you know the rum brought to Florida by the pirates stayed here for a reason. It is good!  Aye Aye!

For hundreds of years the by-product, fermented molasses, that came from the Caribbean sugar plantations was distilled and stored in barrels. This rum was particularly attractive to both pirates and sailors since it stayed drinkable long after the water and beer stored on their ships had become contaminated. The pirates were known to drink while sailing and while on shore. They were rowdy and dangerous. Isolated towns and plantations were plundered. The prohibition era added to the illegal trade of rum. At that time Cuba was a safe haven for visitors to have their rum, cigars, and casinos. Around 1650, the Royal Navy officially issued a pint of this distilled brew, rum, to their sailors as a part of their daily rations. These rations we called “tots” and continued until July 31, 1970!  That day is known as “Black Tot Day”.  This was end of their rum rations.

Cheers, Mateys!

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